5 Free Ways To Have Fun At Home

I will be completely honest, whenever I would get bored my mind would instantly go to shopping at Target or wandering TJ MAXX. Since lately we have been ballin' more on a budget I found some fun ways to have fun at home FO FREE! This did take a while to train my brain that money doesn't always mean fun but now I find myself hardly ever wanting to leave the house (or my pajamas)! Today I am sharing 5 free ways to have fun at home and I can't believe I am!

#1. Living Room Slumber Pawty

Why in the world have I never binged on Netflix before recently? Now I understand how shows can be so addicting and fun to watch! Last winter our pup had spinal surgery so we pulled out a mattress and slept in the living room to keep an eye on him. We thought it would be just for the night but we ended up not moving all weekend. Gather your coziest blankets, a mattress and some snacks! Your pups will love you for this. #SnugglesAllDay

#2. Create a Seasonal Tablescape

It is so fun to get creative and create a tablescape from things you have on hand. Hit the yard and collect dried flowers, plants and items that go with the season you are in. Make a table runner out of old book pages and use home decor pieces that you already have. If you're in need of a little fall inspiration I blogged about my current tablescape here: https://katieandhercanines.wixsite.com/hideawayhobbyfarm/blog/a-hoppy-fall-tablescape

#3. Read a Really Good Book

There is nothing better than a cozy cup of coffee and a good book. Set aside all distractions and really dive into a novel. I am sure you have many of them already sitting on your shelves! If you're not sure what book to start with you can check out books I have reviewed and loved here: https://katieandhercanines.wixsite.com/hideawayhobbyfarm/blog/a-year-of-books

#4. Jazz Up Old Art

Many of us have home decor pieces laying around that we love but they just "don't go." I am a sucker for Goodwill art even when it doesn't completely match my theme. My dear friend saw a photo at a garage sale and gifted it to me recently. I whitewashed the frame with chalkpaint and voila'! I absolutely adore it. #CrazySheepLady

#5. Make Paper Crafts

I have an old bin full of fun paper and stickers that just sit untouched. I decided it's time to pull out those arts and crafts and make something fun! From scrapbooking to cardmaking there are many ways to use up those supplies. I made quick and easy bookmarks because I can never seem to find one! Stickers and Washi tape are sure to bring out your creative side.

I hope those give you some fun and free ideas on how to have fun at home! I will be back with some more ideas soon friends. As always please reach out for anything and be sure you are following me on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/katieandhercanines/

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