5 Ways To Help Prevent Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Did you know that many times we humans are guilty of accidentally nurturing our dog's separation anxiety? Today I'm sharing 5 ways to help prevent separation anxiety in dogs and I will share some tips on how you can modify your own behavior and cultivate a healthy sense of security with your doggo.

#1. Encouraging Your Dog to Pursue Interests Other Than You

This starts by enabling your dog to pursue interests that include physical, social, and intellectual stimulation on their own. This could be playing soccer with a ball, playing with interactive toys, or even chewing on a bone in another room. A dog that can enjoy time apart from you is a sure sign of healthy love. While this is easier said than done with all dogs by encouraging confidence and independence in your dog they are more easily able to be apart from you. A great technique to start with today is practicing a "down stay" while you leave the room. Always reward this healthy boundary and use the crate as a positive experience- not punishment!

#2. Make Sure Your Dog Can Sleep Alone

I'll start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing your bed and couch with your pup! I love a good snuggle session with my doggos and know they do too. It is simply good planning ensuring your dog can get some sleep in a crate or on a dog bed. If something should arise where your dog has to spend the night without you say at doggy daycare or the vet it can help prevent a traumatic experience and ease anxiety.

#3. Creating a Healthy Sense of Stability and Security

Dogs who suffer strongly with separation anxiety make much better progress when you instill "nothing in life is free" rules. A great way to practice this is having your dog sit and wait until you say "OK" to eat their dinner. Another could be practicing a sit-stay before getting to run out of their crate. This can help build their confidence and the structure cultivates a sense of stability and security.

#4. Make Leaving OK

This works especially in the puppy stages or if your dog is very anxious. Find what they love the most and treat them to it when you are leaving the house. Soon they will create a positive experience with you leaving. A frozen stuffed kong, tennis balls or safe bone can be a great way to distract and tire them out. Remember, a crate is not a punishment but a safe place for your dog to rest. Make crate time fun by providing their favorite things!

#5. A Natural Fix

Lastly, never rule out a natural fix! Hemp-derived CBDs are an incredible alternative to pharmaceuticals. They can deliver a host of health benefits, from pain relief to anxiety reduction. A few drops of CBD can dramatically affect your pups mood and the benefits from it keep on growing. (If you'd like to see more on that click here: https://www.katieandhercanines.com/blog/i-gave-my-dogs-cbd-and-here-s-what-i-think)

Hopefully, that gives you some great ideas on how to help prevent separation anxiety in your own home. Your dog sitter, neighbors, and yourself, in the long run, will thank you! It also makes traveling more fun and easy when bringing the pups along! You can help create positive behaviors in your dog and offer a sense of security with the right tools.

If you are looking for a good quality and affordable CBD oil for your pups you can use my link here: www.hempworx.com/katieostendorf scroll all the way down to "Entry Pet Product." Happy "hemping" fur-iends

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