A Hoppy Fall

The time has come! My most favorite season of all. Everything about Fall inspires and excites me. I am so excited to share my "Hoppy" Fall Tablescape with you guys! Gather around and grab some hot cider... (or erm, cider beer perhaps?)

I left my house today with no idea of what look or idea I was going for. I knew something would pop out at me and inspire my fall table, I just never knew that thing would be HOPS! My mother and I went shopping at some local boutiques and I instantly fell in LOVE with the dried Hops I saw all over the barn. The sweet shop owner offered to cut some from her garden and sell them to me. Mine are fresh and green today but I am so excited to see them dried as well! "Oh Hoppy Day!"

Vintage music pages for 10 cents? YES PLEASE! I possess a crazy love for books and music pages so instantly decided to make a table runner out of them. I love the way it adds a vintage and unique feel to the space and BONUS it cost me nearly nothing!

To the front yard I went and gathered some cut hydrangeas, crab apples, mums and grass! Mother nature has the BEST box of crayons. :)

Another boutique we stopped at on the way home was selling blueberry white chocolate scones. So of COURSE I left with those too. I may or may not have eaten two while decorating but who's counting... (totally hiding them from my husband!)

More hops here, more hops there... I just love their effortless beauty.

And why yes, my house totally smells like a brewery tonight!

I am so hoppy with how everything turned out and so excited it costed me less than $10! Well... unless you add in the scones ;-)

Happy Fall friends! Thank you so much for checking out my tablescape and cheers to the season of sweaters!

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