A Quick Guide To Becoming A Dog Sitter

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

I'm not trying to brag or anything guys, but I feel like I have the best job on the planet! Becoming a dog-sitter has been such a rewarding part of my life and has helped me pursue my passions while generating an income for myself. Now I should be honest in saying, this isn't a "get rich" career but it is so rich in other ways that it makes it all worth it. Whether you'd like to pursue this full time for yourself or just generate a little bit more income each month, I am here to share with you some super quick tips and tricks for becoming a dog sitter in your area!

#1. Decide if you will pet sit in client's homes or your own

This is an important factor to consider in your pet sitting offerings. Decide whether you will stay in people's homes while they're gone with their pets or if they will drop their pets off at your place. Because I have dogs of my own, we only offer pet sitting at our place. This works really well for our family and our clients! Sometimes it is easier for other sitters to stay elsewhere since everything is provided such as crates, fenced in backyard, etc. If it works with your lifestyle you can even provide both options for your clients.

#2. Choose what services to offer

Do you want to offer overnight boarding, dog walks, drop-ins or doggy daycare? It is good to have an idea of what services you want to offer your clients before getting started. You can always try a few to start and then narrow them down after. Personally I have found overnight boarding being the most popular while people travel. We offer a cozy, home environment where dogs get to live here as they would at home. We don't require they're crate trained and yes, if your dog wants to sleep with us we'll let them!

#3. Decide on your rates

When you are starting out, it is wise to research what other people are charging in your area! I started slightly lower than others since I didn't have many reviews yet and wanted to build up a clientele base. We charge per night and it has worked really well for us! It also may be wise to set up a plan where you have designated pick up and drop off times. You may want to charge slightly more for puppies or maybe offer a discount for multi pet families. I know deciding on a rate can be difficult but remember your worth and the one of a kind attention you are offering. Many people will pay more for in home sitters because they know their pups will get that special love and attention!

Doggy daycare

#4. Narrow down your ideal client

All dogs are different and it is good to be honest with yourself and what you can handle. Some sitters can administer medications while others feel uncomfortable doing so. Some prefer senior dogs and others prefer playful puppies! If there are breeds you cannot watch be sure to disclose that on your site. Being clear on how many you can take at once will help keep your calendar organized and keeps things safe. Safety should always be the number one priority and narrowing down your ideal client will help with that tremendously.

#5. Sign up with Rover.com

Rover is a wonderful place to start for new dog sitters and I recommend it highly! It connects pet parents to pet sitters and is a safe, easy way to meet new clients in your area. Rover does charge you a slight fee for their service but they offer great rewards for their pet sitters. You are protected under their umbrella, they offer 24/7 support, and you use their app to communicate everything with your clients. Rover does conduct a background check but the process is smooth and easy! Sign up to be a pet sitter with them here: http://sit.rover.com/rwtsf

#6. Promote yo' self

Once everything is approved and you are ready for a tail waggin' good time its time to promote yo' self! Tell your friends, pass out business cards, post on craigslist and Facebook. You'll be surprised how many people are looking for great, reliable pet sitters to trust with their furry family members. Word travels fast so be sure to offer one of a kind care and people will be sure to tell their friends!

This is just a quick guide on how to get started on the rewarding journey of dog sitting! Be sure to stay tuned as I offer more insight on how to make it a succesfull career. As always reach out for anything you may need and be sure to sign up for my email list so you never miss a treat!

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