A Rainy Day In Duluth

Remember in the movie Forest Gump when it rained for four months in Vietnam? That is how it has felt for the past few weeks in Minnesota. It may be rainy and cold but the Fall colors are in full force and cannot be missed. Since I wait all year for the season of pretty leaves we decided to spontaneously jump in the car, with the Border Collies and drive to Duluth. Now, whenever you go to duluth dress warm and then plan on adding even more warm layers once you get there. It's always extra chilly by the beautiful Lake Superior and in our case always raining... ok wait, downpouring! It did not stop us from having one of the best days ever and the fall colors did not disappoint. I'm still giddy as I write this post.

I've written about Banning State Park before in a previous post but I will say it again- add this state park to your list! The tunnel of yellow trees give a warm welcome and the drive to the parking is worth it in itself. We stopped here on our way to Duluth to do some quick hiking and photo taking. We had some very wet, happy doggies!

Since the rain wouldn't let up we decided to check out Fitgers mall which is dog friendly inside (dogs just aren't allowed in the restaurant areas.) There is a bookstore, cute boutique shops and even a pet store. Heck yah we bought some tennis balls for the good boys!

Jacob and I live for a good snack so we headed to Grandma's and warmed up with some yummy food. I am not sure if it was the weather or our uncontrollable giggles but I wouldn't go here for great service. However, go just for the wild rice stuffed mushrooms I CAN'T stop thinking about them. #WorthEveryCalorie

We couldn't drive all this way and not do the lakewalk so raincoats on and off we went. We were the only crazies out there and did we do it for the gram'? Absolutely! But was it worth it? One hundred percent! Bonus was we didn't blow away. :)

What is life but one grand adventure. I am so thankful to have found my person to do life with and say yes to my crazy ideas. He keeps me safe and I keep him wild

(but only until about 8:30 PM or so).


A rainy fall day in Duluth was exactly what I needed.

"There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this."

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