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You guys! I have finally fulfilled one of my New Years Resolutions. I made a goal in January to commit to read one book a month. Although I already hit my goal in September I am excited to keep reading until the end of the year. I am most excited because that was time not spent on my phone, on social media, or binge watching TV. There is something about getting lost in a story different than your own. Now, maybe this seems like a silly resolution but reading books has been more than just that for me. When I started the new year I hadn't known how to just RELAX. I have mild OCD that makes me feel like I constantly need to be cleaning or organizing for the millionth time and while that may sound great it can be mentally exhausting at times. Books give me a chance to escape and slow down. I've noticed a difference in my sleep, a happier laid back version of myself and a new excitement for sittin' on the couch! Cozy up and get inspired to read.

I am excited to share 12 books with you and my honest review of them. I will be basing them off a "LOVED IT, LEAVE IT, or YOU DECIDE."


I stumbled upon this book and thumbed through it knowing it had to be mine. It was the perfect book to start my resolution with. Its a book that is unique by mixing reading and doing. It is full of beautiful illustrations, stickers, punch outs- you name it. If you have a creative side and love inspiration this is the book for you. Loved It!


Grab your tissues this book left me sobbing in a beautiful way. A tale of friendship, betrayal, secrets and promises. This book is one you will want to pass onto your bestie. This was my first Kristin Hannah book and I was captivated by her writing style. Firefly Lane is a story that will have you hooked from the beginning and one you'll never forget. Loved it!


Faithful is the story of a survivor, filled with emotion from dark suffering to true happiness. It is a story of a young woman finding her way in the modern world. The character is played beautifully and the emotion is real. For anyone who was ever a hurt teenager or a mother of a daughter who has lost her way - this would be a book for you. Because the story may not be relatable to all I am rating as: You Decide!


This book left me speechless. A tale of true loneliness and the thoughts of a woman crippled by a disease. I couldn't put this book down and it captivated me right away. The book intertwines fact and fiction based on a small farm which I always love. It is a story of friendship, art, and passion. Loved it!


Who doesn't love to laugh? This book made me do just that. It takes you back in time through the eyes of a child and the woman whom she becomes. I really think baby boomers would enjoy this book most and those who lived the "simpler" life. It was written beautifully but did take me a bit to get into. You Decide!


I have a fascination with books based in the era of World War ll. This was a dramatic and uniquely written novel that gave me a different perspective on the war. It was elegant and intriguing. Honestly, I couldn't put it down. Loved It!


I beg everyone who loves historical fiction to read this book. Heck, I beg anyone who likes to read to read this book. It captivated me from the start and I read the whole novel in one day. A breathtaking journey that left me speechless. LOVED IT!


I have loved all of Reese's club books so I was shocked to find that this wasn't one of them. The book has amazing ratings and may speak to others differently. I found the writing style difficult to get into and the plot just okay. Leave it!


I was very excited for my first ever Sophie Kinsella novel. While her writing was beautifully done I could not get into this book. I loved the title and expected more from it although it felt as though the story kept dragging on. I will try another by her for sure and hope for better luck. Leave it!

#10. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Yikes! If it weren't for book club I would have given up on this book within the first 10 pages. It got rave reviews and even became a move (which I also could not get into.) The book is written in letters and can be hard to follow. LEAVE IT!


For those who like self help books without all the butterflies and rainbows I think you would enjoy this book! There are lots of swear words and laugh out loud moments. I read it little by little for a few months. It wasn't the best book I read but not the worst either! You Decide!


I was hoping for an amazing book after my stretch of "Leave it's!" If you're anything like me a lover of love, a dreamer or just adore a sappy story this book is for you! This one had me up late because I could not put it down. Absolutely adored everything about it! LOVED IT!

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