Celebrating Dog Moms - A Gift Guide

On the second Saturday in May, we celebrate a special new national holiday called Dog Mom's Day! Everyday we shower our dogs with love, we shelter them, work extra hard to afford them, and share an immeasurable loyalty to them. They brighten our days, make our lives whole, and become part of our families. To some of us they become our fur babies.

National Dog Mom’s Day recognizes the bond women share with their pups and it is a fun way to spoil yourself or the dog mama that you love in your life!

I put together a fun gift guide for you that you can come back to anytime for any occasion!

#1. Inkopious: If you're rockin' the dog mom life and are a proud supporter of dog hair and sweatpants Inkopius is the brand every dog lover needs to have in their closet. I am wearing my cozy sweatshirt from them as I type this post!

#2. Knead Love Bakeshop: How about a fun way to spoil the pups with tasty treats while having fun together baking them. Knead Love Bakeshop is an incredible way to celebrate both you and your pup with a hands on experience!

#3. Hempworx CBD: Treat yourself or a dog mom you know to the gift of CBD, which is available for both humans and doggos alike. Somedays a little help goes a long way and the benefits of CBD are incredible. (More on that here)

#4. Gray Duck Art: Gray Duck Art pushes everyone to get creative and makes it super easy to paint your pet by number! What better way to get your paws on a fun project that becomes a treasured piece of artwork.

#5. Embark Vet: Give the gift of health and knowledge to the dog lover in your life with an Embark Dog DNA test! They can learn about their dog's breed, health, traits, and relatives with one simple swab.

#6. Zogics Pet: Who doesn't love snuggling their doggy especially when they smell good? Gift a pet grooming care line made with organic, plant-based cleansers & soothing ingredients, designed to make your best friend look good, smell good, & feel good.

Use code IG20 for 20% off

If that isn't enough ideas to bark at I created a whole list of adorable Amazon Prime products to ship right to your door!

Wishing you the happiest dog mom's day filled with all the sloppy kisses and puppy snuggles possible! I can't wait to see how you'll celebrate.

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