DIY Doggy Easter Baskets

I absolutely love buying things for my dogs and it happens maybe a little too often. I just couldn't help myself because Easter is such a fun reason to create a DIY Doggy basket! Even though pups cannot eat candy there are so many fun items to spoil them with.

Ask anyone, when it comes to Easter baskets the more treats and the more toys the better! I was able to make these affordably without sacrificing the cute. I am excited to show you ours this year and hope to see some of you create one for your very own pups.

There are so many cute animal plushies out there for dogs that go along with the theme of Easter. There's ducks, sheep, bunnies, and chicks. I found these adorable bunnies on Amazon and they're cute enough to cuddle! They make noise so I know the dogs are going to love them.

What is Easter without some eggs? Fill them with dog treats and send your dogs on a little egg hunt (just be sure they don't eat the plastic). We always play the search and sniff game and the dogs love it!

When it comes to the basket you can reuse it every year, I promise the pups won't care! I picked up some adorable pom ones at the store 5 Below and plan to store household stuff in them afterward.

Call me that pet "parent" but after all those treats it's good to do a little dental cleaning! I purchased some here to keep the pup's teeth fresh after all those treats.

If you're egg-cited to make a basket but not sure where to start no fear peeps! I put together a list of what to put in those DIY Doggy Easter Baskets on Amazon. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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