DIY Fresh Dog Food

Fresh dog food has been on my mind for years! I have tried amazing fresh food companies like NomNomNow and found total satisfaction feeding them food that not only looked good but made them feel good.

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Our Cowboy can quite the picky eater and constantly looks to me for special toppings on his kibble. I can't blame him though- those burnt brown balls don't look super satisfying to me either! I decided to try my hand at cooking and see how the price would compare, how much they enjoyed it, and if it was feasible time-wise. What was most shocking was I found it to be very fun!

I started with a super helpful site called BalanceIT which helps you come up with the recipes based on your pup's weight. It’s important to note that dogs have different nutrient requirements based on their proportional body size, such as:

  • High-quality protein (meat, fish, dairy or eggs)

  • Fat (meat or oils)

  • Carbohydrates (Grains or vegetables)

  • Calcium (dairy)

  • Essential fatty acids (egg yolks)

I happened to have bulk quinoa on hand so I used that as my Carbohydrate. I chose hamburger for our first batch and bought about 6 pounds from Aldi for $13. I then purchased canned peas, carrots, and green beans. I used Coconut oil for all the cooking and a healthy fat. It took me about 45 minutes overall to cook all the ingredients.

Even Puppy Loves It!

Once everything is cooled and cooked- you can store it individually or all mixed in a container in the fridge for easy access. Going forward I will store it in smaller portions in the freezer and take them out as needed to free up space.

After considering the costs for homemade dog food for 4 large breed dogs I decided we will still feed our kibble less and add the fresh as a topping and for the rest. I've also added fish oil and Zesty Paws (more on them here) Multivitamin for extra nutrients. The dogs go crazy for it! We plan to rotate proteins each week and next will be ground turkey.

As always, be sure to check in with your veterinarian about switching diets and be sure to visit BalanceIT for awesome tips and recipes. I will share ours below!

Is fresh food something you'd love to feed your dogs? If you decide to make some yourself be sure to tag me on Instagram (@katieandhercanines) so I can see your happy pups!

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