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Let me start this blog post with recognizing that I may have a doggone accessory problem! I love supporting small shops and have had the privilege to partner with many who help support my addiction. Today I am sharing my doggies closet inspo and I am both excited and embarrassed wrapped into one. Be sure to check out our shop codes at the end to save you money's on your own goodies! Let's get this pawty started.

I have officially gone to the dogs. Our guest room has extra space so I thought it was the perfect spot to store all my stuff and bonus my husband hardly goes in there so it's easy to hide my goodies.

I found two old ladders for free and painted them white without much effort at all. I also collect birch wood for decor in my home and used that to display and hang all of our collars.

An old frame painted white with chicken wire and clothespins is both a fun and creative way to display and organize all the things. I hang bow ties, collar tags and other misc. items.

An old storage crate from my sister becomes our grooming supply station. I love keeping everything together so when it's time to use it is all right there. #ZogicsPets

Storage bins are great for sweaters, costumes, clothes you name it! I use them for overflow as well (omg, I have dog accessory overflow.) #wakeupcall

There you have it fur-iends, a quick glimpse into our doggy closet! If you are looking for amazing collars, bandanas or tags please feel free to use our discount codes at any of the Etsy shops below (be sure to check out their instagrams too!)

CANINECOTTAGE12- @kensiearnolddesigns CANINECOTTAGE- @emilyandellieshop COTTAGEMOON- @dogonthemoon COTTAGEPAWS- @redpawcreations CANINECOTTAGE10- @mozzieandmore

10/10 the pups approve that or they are judging me. #PassTheTreats

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