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Summer is coming, or so I think, you just never know in Minnesota! I am a better person when I am tan and know there are others who feel the same way. I recently took on self Tanners in which I don’t have much experience or ever had luck with.

I got lucky and fell in love with the first two I purchased and rated them both 5/5 stars! I love spray tans from the salon but they’re all closed currently and I must say this is way more convenient. Both give a nice deep bronze glow and no orange. They also both have a limited smell and are easy to use!

#1. Ulta Beauty Self Tanning Drops (for face) I had originally gone in to purchase a much pricier/high-end brand of tanning drops and was directed to these instead. I could purchase 5 of these bottles for the price of the other one so I figured they were worth a shot! The reviews were great and I loved the simplicity of adding them into my nightly moisturizer. You glow by morning and can really customize the color you want to achieve with these! I use a full dropper (around 4 drops) at night and wake up feeling beautiful. Be sure to really rub into the hairline and wash your hands well after. Purchase them here!

#2. Naturena Self Tanning Mousse

The reviews and the ingredients on this sold me originally! With Advanced Color Complex, the airy mousse works with your skin’s natural tone to mimic results from the sun. Mousse formula is tinted so you can see where you’ve applied it. Color develops instantly and deepens within hours of application. I loved the instant effect and it does deepen into a beautiful bronze as time goes on! For best and lasting results, gently exfoliate the skin before application. Apply self-tanner evenly to the desired area, applying a thin layer. When applying to areas with loose skin, such as elbows and knees, apply less product. Use gloves or wash hands immediately after application to avoid discoloration. I tried it on my face as well and was very happy with the results. Purchase here!

#3. Self Tanning Mitt For #2 don't skip the mitt! I believe it is what helped me achieved a wonderful self-tan. The velvet helps the mousse glide on for a streak-free tan. You can re-use time and time again by throwing it in the washing machine. Purchase here!

Summer, I am ready for you! I can't wait to enjoy it with my effortless and bronzed tan!

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