Friday Favorites- Home Edition

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

It's that time again when the sweatpants come out and the cuddles commence. It's Friyay everybody and this week I am sharing some of my favorites around the house!

#1. Foscam Home Camera

Lets face it! You love your home and you want to protect it. Or if your like me you want to spy on your doggos all day to see what they really do when you're gone. (Sadly, mine do nothing but lay on the couch.) I have a lot of those anxious moments like did I burn out the candle? Did I forget to put away my chip bag? Fear not the Foscam will save your life in those moments. This camera isn't designated for dogs but has all the features of a big brand! You can rotate the camera, talk through the microphone, hear whats going on and a ton of other cool techy things that I don't know how to explain! For the price, the value and the ease- you need this baby! Click Here:

#2. Kirklands Shabby Cathedral Archway Plaque

We all have those one walls that need something simple but we don't know what. Look no further friends, Kirklands adorable archway plaque is a staple in my house and people always compliment on the piece! It is a great size and a rustic cream that goes with anything. You can even jazz it up with a wreath for any occasion. Be careful on their site your sure to swoon over all their adorable home decor items! Clic Here:

#3. Smallwood's Signs

My sister introduced me to these signs years ago and I've been an addict ever since. There are so many amazing lettered signs out there but these ones are extra special to me. Why you ask? They are so lightweight I can hang them anywhere and without my husband's help! They are constantly on sale and are all adorable check them out here:

#4. Micro Lights

I am the queen of cozy and have always loved the look of lights. These aren't just for the holidays people! You can use them all year round. From my dining room table to the fire place these lights give off such a cozy vibe. They are battery operated so you can take them anywhere! If you like adding a cute flair to your home or even your photos these are for you. Unfortunately I am unable to find them online so be sure to check with your local Costco store for availability. I did find some similar on Amazon here:

#5. Costco's Plush Round Dog Bed

I can't leave out the dogs of course so I am sharing our favorite ever dog bed from Costco! These plush round beds are only $27.99 in store and are AH-MAZING plus they are cute and don't throw off the home decor. Don't have a Costco membership? Find a friend who does and treat yo pet to the coziest bed on the market. Click Here:

That's a wrap for this weeks Friday favorites- home edition! I hope you all have an amazing weekend and see you next week for some more fun.

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