How To Host A Bagel Bar

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I love to host, I don't do it as often as I wish I did but when I do I know the most important thing is that people are well-fed and the cocktails are flowing! We recently celebrated Hanukkah and I wanted to have my family over while keeping it super easy and fun. Hello, bagel bar who doesn't love all the carbs!

I've always wanted to host a bagel bar and knew this was the perfect time to finally do it. It keeps hosting SUPER simple and requires no cooking meaning more time with loved ones and sipping mimosas. I even told everyone to show up in their pajamas because stretchy pants are the best!

Displaying was very easy as I did it like a charcuterie style! The messier and busier the better. For the bagel display, my (sweet) husband used a piece of wood, drilled tiny holes in it, and we hot glued skewer sticks into it. If you prefer to buy one I found these on Amazon as well as these. It's fun to have a variety of bagels such as everything, asiago cheese, blueberry, along with small and large-sized bagels.

Of course, the very obvious cream cheese is needed and its fun to buy a different variety of those as well! Some other fun ideas are chocolate mascarpone cheese, bruschetta, peanut butter, spinach artichoke dip, etc. Visiting specialty stores will give you tons of ideas and make the spread full of variety.

Next is the toppings for the bagels things like capers, radishes, Proscuitto, smoked salmon, roasted turkey are all delicious! I made some chicken salad and homemade spinach artichoke dip as well. Fresh fruit and veggies are fun to have out as well as some baguettes and crackers.

It was a hit with my family and so easy to do! I am all about bagel bars and would LOVE to see how you throw your very own. I hope you all had wonderful holidays and have the happiest New Year!

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