I Gave My Dogs CBD And Here's What I Think...

I have seen it everywhere and heard of the great benefits- now I am wondering what took my so long to order. I'm talking about CBD oil for dogs! I recently purchased this magical tincture and wanted to be sure to use it for a week before giving my honest review on it. The list of CBD benefits goes on and on but the main reasons I was excited to try it was for anxiety relief, reducing inflammation, preventing/killing cancer and pain relief.

I had originally purchased it with Oscar in mind since he is our 12 year old whom had spinal surgery last winter. With age also comes a little anxiety and I wanted to be sure he was getting an anti-inflammatory with pain relief. Once the other dogs saw Oscar getting bacon flavored anything they of course wanted some too and I realized this stuff should be given to all of them for different reasons! I give Oscar and Gibbs I higher dose and they take it straight from the dropper whereas the Border Collies prefer to lick it from their bowls. I've noticed a big difference in them all since giving it to them and someone even knocked on the front door and they didn't freak out (this was HUGE!)

I had a few questions before buying CBD like is it legal? Since CBD oil is hemp based, it does not contain more than 3% THC. Because of this, all 50 states have approved the use of hemp products for both animals and humans. I wondered will my dogs get high? Unlike THC that creates a "buzz," CBD is not a psychoactive stimulus but rather provides your dogs with a calming feeling and pain relieving sensations without harming them. What is the proper dosage? (HempWorx guidline below)

1-20 # = 2-4 drops

21-45 # = 4-6 drops

46-74 # = 6-8 drops

75 ^ # = 8-10 drops

I love any natural solution to ailments in dogs and because of the results i've personally seen on all four pups I would 100% recommend CBD. Be sure to do your research and choose a company with a good reputation and high quality oil. As always, be sure to chat with your vet first but don't be shocked if they are reluctant about the use of CBD. To find a list of holistic vets in your area check here: https://www.ahvma.org/

Happy dogs = happy life! I am so glad I finally tried CBD for myself and I feel happy knowing my dogs are reaping the benefits. If you are looking for a good quality and affordable CBD oil for your pups you can use my link here: www.hempworx.com/katieostendorf scroll all the way down to "Entry Pet Product." Happy "hemping" fur-iends!

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