keepin' it clean with all the dogs.

When you're dog mommin' you know the dog hair sticks to everything BUT the dog. Being pet sitters means quadruple the fun and quadruple the dog hair. I have some tried and true cleaning products that I can not live without and help me keep it real around here. ;-) Today I am sharing my fav products + a few tips to keepin' it clean with ALL the doggos.

1. SOL-U-MEL from Melaleuca

Sol-U-Mel removes stains, eliminates odors and works great as a natural everyday cleaner too! I keep a spray bottle full at all times and you get to choose how diluted you want it to be. An added bonus is dogs do not like to urinate on citrus type smells so it works wonders for preventing it from happening again! Best part? You will eliminate more then pet smells... you'll also be getting rid of caustic chemicals found in normal cleaners!


After putting in hard wood floors I thought my cleaning days were over. Funny right? I find myself constantly sweeping up dirt, using the dry Swiffer and then viola the amazing Shark Steam mop! This is the first one that I found that doesn't leave a residue. I add Thieves oil to the water and even Sol-U-Mel if I am really looking for a good clean. Best part is it dries almost instantly- come at me puppers!


If you have dogs and you do not have one of these YOU MUST. This magical thing picks up hair I didn't even know that we had.


This was one of those purchases I had a hard time making as a young adult. I wanted to spend my money on so many other things but I am SO glad I took the plunge. If you have dogs you know that if there is a mess they always go to the rug or carpet (face palm). This little guy not only cleans up messes but I use it on the rugs once a week to keep the house smelling clean and the rugs like new!


I love a fresh smell so I always have two diffusers running at all times. I like to think it keeps the dogs zen meanwhile helping fight against odors. Thieves is also a wonderful oil to add to the carpet cleaner and steam mop. Lavender is calming for the dogs and is my happy scent! Calm. Cool. Collective. (Yeah right!)

Who says you can't have a white home with puppers? ;-) Happy cleaning friends!

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