Low-Carb Crockpot Meals For The Lazy Cook

Oftentimes I find myself wondering "what's for dinner?" Then I realize nothing unless I make it, ha! It's winter time here in Minnesota which means most of us break out the trusty ol' crockpot, aka "slow-cooker". I like to take an afternoon on the weekend and spend a couple hours chopping and prepping crockpot meals that can be frozen for up to three months! Each night I pull one out, thaw it in the fridge and then place in the crockpot for an easy, healthy dinner. These ones happen to be low-carb which is wonderful since we are trying to be better about what we eat around here.

A few helpful tips before you get started on these easy recipes:

  • Dice all the vegetables at once

  • Buy minced garlic instead of cloves

  • Don't forget to label your freezer bags

  • Buy meat in bulk from Costco

  • Lay them flat in your freezer for more storage space

  • Have your spices handy for easy use

Below you will find all of the recipe cards and instructions. I will be honest, these aren't gourmet recipes by any means, but they are very tasty and exactly what we're going for- EASY PEASY.

I am excited to see if you create these recipes yourself! Tag me on instagram if you do (@katieandhercanines). I love seeing that my blog posts are helpful and fun for you all!

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