Master Bedroom Spring Refresh

Spring has sprung in Minnesota, finally! Although this spring is a bit strange as we are quarantined and spending a lot of time in our homes. I've been keeping busy doing some spring cleaning, home updates, a lot of Netflix, and of course some online shopping. I have also taken on a new hobby of painting walls. I am not one to typically take on such a terrifying task but it's been fun learning a new craft and makes affordable drastic changes.

Are master bedrooms the hardest to decorate for anyone else? Ours always seems to be a catch-all and lacks decorating. My sister gave us her old king bed frame and we are SO excited to finally be upgrading to a big bed (even if our queen mattress is still being used on the frame.) The new headboard sparked a much-needed spring refresh and I wanted to warm up the room and make it cozy and new. Below I'm sharing all the pieces that brought it together and of course some After photos (I'm lacking in before's.)

It started with peach paint- I have an obsession with all things peach and it's always been a dream of mine to do something so daring and different in our space. I went with "Cosmetic Peach" from Sherwin Williams. What a difference from our originally cool gray walls. It is unlike anything I have EVER done and I had a mini freakout for a second. I also accidentally used starter paint with no finish and two different colors... Jacob to the rescue!

Target's brand Opalhouse catches my eye every single time and looking through their collection inspired my bedroom refresh. I went with a gorgeous velour comforter you can find here (I have been looking at this baby for years.) They have it in multiple colors and the fabric is SO COZY big compliments from the husband on this one. Nothing is complete without some throw pillows and these velvet ones from World Market are perfect and cheap.

The runner rug is a gorgeous mix of elegance and Bohemia and the dog rug/bed is from you can save an extra 10% with our code CANINES10. Have I mentioned how much I love faux fur? It is such a great addition to any room.

You'll absolutely need some plants whether they are fake or real! I buy all mine at Home Depot and have been very happy with them. Amazon has some beautiful options that will add some life to the space! Oh, and you can't forget a disco ball!

It isn't quite complete since I have a few things coming from amazon but impatient me couldn't wait to share. So what do we think did I do okay? It's can be terrifying to take new risks but this bedroom has goddess girl vibes all over it. Bonus the husband loves it too- I am forever grateful he is so laid back with my decorating.

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