My 5 Favorite Must-Have Photo Apps

Our smartphones have incredible cameras now and many of us love capturing that perfect moment right on our phone! But, even your best pictures will need some tweaking from time to time. Whether you're trying to brighten them up or you're looking to create a cohesive feed on Instagram, a little help with my friends below should do the trick. I'm sharing my 5 favorite must-have photo apps that I use on my pics every day and love!

#1. A Color Story

This is one of my favorite ways to check if a photo looks good on my feed before posting it! A Color Story has an Instagram grid preview + planning tool. There are also hundreds of beautiful filters that can be purchased from top photographers and influencers.

#2. Story Art

If you post stories on Instagram and want them to be beautiful this is the app for you! Story art lets you remix their templates with your own photos and videos. It is a great app to record and save meaningful moments in a unique and beautiful way!

#3. Adobe Spark Post

This is the fun, fast, and easy way to create stunning graphics for any occasion! I even use this app to make my story highlight covers right on my Instagram page. You don't need any design experience for this app and it works wonders for your brand.

#4. PicTapGo

Goodbye dark photos, PicTapGo to the rescue! This is my favorite app to take dark photos and make them bright! There are over 70 stackable filters and the app is easy to use. Upload a photo and use the filter "brightside" to see a big difference!

#5. Adobe Lightroom

There is nothing quite like this app and it is the secret behind incredible feeds. You can play around with the tools to create your own look or choose from presets that produce incredible photos! While presets can be slightly tricky to download (I hope to show you a tutorial for this soon) it can be done with some research. Many influencers have started selling their preset magic and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you:

@Lizmariegalvan |

@sophia.elrae |

@tezza |

Creating beautiful photos is so fun and something I really enjoy sharing. I hope this gives you a great start to editing your own phone pictures!

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