My Skin Care Questions Answered! Meet the Skin Sisters

Ever wish you had a sister, or best friend, who could give you inside access to the world of dermatology? Look no further, because Brooke & Lauren are The Skin Sisters! I met Brooke at a Minneapolis bloggers event and let me tell you she was gorgeous- glowing both inside and out!

When Brooke told me she blogged with her sister Lauren I couldn't wait to get home and check out their site ( especially since this year's New Year's resolution was to take better care of my skin. I know it may sound silly but a skin care routine has never been a part of my life and I knew I could create a habit once I got started. I promised myself I'd at least wash my face every single night and I have stuck to it since January 1st. I now cringe thinking about all the nights I slept in my makeup and can't sleep without a fresh face.

Fresh Skin Is In!

The Skin Sisters have over a decade of professional dermatology experience and both Brooke and Lauren are board-certified dermatology Physician Assistants. They have expertise in all aspects of dermatology from skin cancer surgery to cosmetic procedures! I couldn't wait to ask them some questions about skincare and my own personal routine below and their responses were so helpful.

Lauren & Brooke: The Skin Sisters

#1. It has been almost 3 months into my skincare routine and I am still getting acne- is this normal? If you, or anyone, is treating a skin care condition over the counter for more than four or six weeks without seeing results its time to make an appointment! With patients like this, we will have them bring in their skincare regimen or a picture of it so that we can fully assess the changes that need to be made. We then will build together a skincare regimen, usually utilizing a mix of over the counter and prescription medications, based on what we see during our exam of the patient's skin, budget, goals, etc.

My current routine!

#2. What is the best skincare advice you have for women in their 20's? Don't skimp on the sunscreen and start a retinoid!!! It's said so much that we are afraid it almost goes in one ear and out the other, but putting together a skincare routine without sunscreen is like not putting together a skincare routine at all! Daily use of an SPF of at least 30 with broad-spectrum protection will do miracles for your skin in terms of preventing early signs of aging like brown spots, wrinkles and sagging. Not to mention protect you against skin cancers as well! There are so many great options available that don't look or feel like heavy, greasy, white sunscreens of the past. We share lots of recommendations on our Instagram page @TheSkinSisters. Building in a retinoid during your 20's is also a great way to get a jump start on aging prevents. These products help to keep the skin soft and bright, and also helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and brown spots. They are also used to treat acne.

"Am I doing this right?"

#3. With so many MLM's selling skin care now is it okay to trust those products and the people selling them? While we don't disparage anyone for their side hustle (or main hustle!), we do see a lot of red flags when it comes to many MLM skin care products. Our best recommendation is to only trust your skin to a professional who has been trained (for years, not over a weekend or a webinar!) in the anatomy of the body and skin, who understands product ingredients and how they work. Would you take your car to have the transmission fixed by someone who learned on YouTube?

#4. Based on my current skincare products is there anything I should be changing or products to discontinue using? You have started with a great array of over the counter products. We see lots of brightening and moisturizing here; however, there are two missing pieces! The first missing piece is appropriate sun protection. While the Aveeno moisturizer does have added SPF, we recommend using at least an SF factor of 30 on a daily basis. The other missing piece is that if fighting acne is your main goal - we don't see much in terms of acne fighting ingredients! We would recommend seeing a dermatology provider and bringing in what you currently use. They'll be able to change things up so that you aren't losing the investment you've already made in these products, but begin to incorporate strategies that are acne fighting.

"Does this facemask make me look scary?"

#5. What is the proper way to wash my face? (cleanse,tone,hydrate,etc?) You got it! In terms of creams, lotions, serums, etc - a good rule of thumb is to apply them from thin to thick! So essence or toner first, then serum, then your thicker creams and lotions.

Feeling so much more confident in my skin!

I'm very excited to keep up my resolution and also switch up my products a bit based on their recommendations above. I will say just washing daily I have been so much more confident in my skin and can see a big difference! I just love that Brooke and Lauren are a sister duo and couldn't wait to collaborate with them since my sisters are so near and dear to my heart. I NEVER even thought about my skin until my very own sister begged me to at least moisturize. Skincare is in!

Let The Skin Sisters be your source for the inside scoop on all things skin, hair, nails, and products – no appointment necessary! Be sure to follow them on Instagram for all the best tips and beautiful content that they share there.

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