Sharing The Love Of Supplements- With Zesty Paws!

It's National Pet Day and for those who have pets, you know just how much joy and love they bring to our homes. I thought it was the perfect day to share the love of supplements with you all because it's so important to me to keep pets healthy and living life to their fullest potential.

When I stumbled upon the brand Zesty Paw's years ago I knew I had hit the jackpot! With so many brands out there offering supplements for dogs it was important I found one driven by transparency, quality, and innovation. Not to mention one with an incredible customer service team there to answer all the tough questions! I'm so excited to share our personal results with you and hope you feel inspired to start using supplements on your own pets.

Zesty Paws specializes in providing premium products that are formulated with only the highest quality ingredients! Through their extensive research and passion for pet wellness, Zesty Paws has made it their mission to help pet owners help their pets live to the fullest potential. What I love most about Zesty Paws is that they never cut corners when it comes to their products and they use zero corn, soy, or grains. Not only that, my dog's think they are treats and they go crazy for them! We have tried many of their supplements over the years and have always seen tremendous results in our home.

As I start to learn more about my dogs' nutrition I try to do everything I can to ensure they live happy and most importantly healthy lives. But don't get me wrong I totally understand how hard it can be to know where to start! There are usually a few factors most people are trying to address when it comes to supplements- these can be issues such as mobility, digestion, skin, and coat, immune system, etc.

Each of my dogs has their different needs and what I love about Zesty Paws is the ability to shop so many great products from one place! Recently, my older pup Gibbs was diagnosed with incontinence and has issues controlling his bladder in his sleep. I couldn't wait to try their Cranberry Bladder Bites in hopes that it would help him and save me some money from vet visits. The chicken flavored soft chews feature Cran-Max Cranberry concentrate proven to flush out bad bacteria to promote a healthy bladder and urinary tract. He has been taking them for two weeks now and I'm so happy to say he has been able to control his bladder since! We've also been able to cut his prescription pills in half- what a blessing. This supplement would also be great for dogs prone to have UTI's and to help prevent incontinence in the future. It is never too early to start planning ahead.

Being a multi-dog household I love finding a supplement that works for them all. I want to be sure they are all moving comfortably and keeping the spring in their step! Zesty Paws Hip & Join Mobility Bites are packed with glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM. All are premium ingredients that help support comfort and mobility for the hips and joints. We went with the "ALL AGES" line but they do have one specific for senior dogs. Our Oscar, who recently passed at age 13, took them daily and ran around like a puppy until his last days! People were always commenting on his energy and ability to get around so great. We miss him dearly and are so proud of how well he carried himself in his senior years. It would feel wrong not to thank Zesty Paws for providing us with such amazing products and keeping our pups feeling great at all ages.

I am so loyal to Zesty Paws because of the quality of their supplements, but most importantly because they know the value a dog can bring to its owner's life! I have seen them work wonders on our dogs and provide those extra nutrients that they lack from kibble alone.

Does your pet have any concerns you'd like to address? Zesty Paws provides excellent guidance and as always I am here to help in any way I can!

I'm wishing you and your sweet pets the most special National Pet Day! Why not treat them to the gift of wellness this year and use code: NPD20 for 20% off Zesty Paws entire site!

*be sure to consult with your veterinarian to learn more about what might be best for your pet’s specific needs.*

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