Sharpie Shiplap DIY

Well my friends, sometimes everything your parents told you NOT to do as a kid (like drawing on the walls) actually does turn into a masterpiece! Recently my wonderful friend Lindsay from @beauplacelikehome shared her adorable DIY closet shiplap. Not only was it gorgeous but then she dropped the BOMB and said it was all done with a Sharpie paint pen. Then Instagram went and read my mind and #sharpieshiplap was poppin' up all over my feed!

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SHUT THE SHARPIE I thought. I knew this was something I could handle and commit to knowing the pens cost a whopping $8. Now, I would advise you to discuss this idea with your partner as my husband has one rule and one rule only- I am not allowed to touch the indoor painting. Let alone draw on the walls! LOL

Jacob's Response makes me giggle!

I have zero patience and just was craving some adventure so I painted our gray dining room wall white yesterday and was pretty proud of it for being my first wall ever! Jacob came home and instantly did the corners and hard parts I missed on accident! ;-)


I may have bribed him with Salmon dinner, elote corn, and cilantro lime rice to help me measure out the spacing for the lines. We went with 6" "shiplap" lines and would recommend that for larger walls! Jacob ended up holding the ruler stick while I drew the lines with the Sharpie and we finished the project in the dark right before bed. He's such a trooper through all my giddy giggles and crazy ideas- really I couldn't have done this without him.


Jacob stepping in to help!

Pictures just don't do this space justice. I am like a kid on Christmas morning! A lot of people probably wonder what it looks like in person and honestly it looks AWESOME! Even Jacob was shocked with our project and he don't worry he forgave me, hehe.

I call it "ship-laugh" because I got the giggles during the important part and wiggled a few of the lines a little. Don't worry though, because you can just touch it up with some white paint and a small paintbrush!

Supplies needed: Sharpie Pen, Level, Yardstick

So, what do you guys think? Are you ready to take on the Sharpie Shiplap challenge? I'll just be over here smiling at my wall all day ready to take on the next one!

It really warms up the place!

PS why is it so hard to get pictures with windows?

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