Snow Day Dog Essentials

It's a snow day here in Minnesota with nowhere to be and honestly, I am not sure I love anything more! I got to thinking how snow days mean snow much fun for the dogs but also some indoor time that comes along with boredom! Since winter is never-ending here in the Midwest we do have some stuff that makes these long winter months much more enjoyable.

Here are a few of our favorite things!

#1 Dog Jacket. Not every dog needs a jacket to keep warm as much as a short-haired one for example but I do rely on them to help keep them dry. I notice a big difference when they are in their waterproof jackets and it help keeps wet dog smell at bay! ;-)

#2 Benebone Bully Stick Holder When boredom strikes we really on bully sticks to not only keep the doggos busy but clean their teeth while they are at it! I love this Benebone bully stick holder because it prolongs the time chewing it & also prevents choking!

#3 Tennis Ball Launcher If you've ever owned a ball obsessed dog you know the importance of some fetch every single day (or every hour in their book.) This tennis ball launcher can be indoor or outdoor and will keep your pet active and happy. It's on our Hanukkah list & I think I am more excited than anyone else!

#4 Bully Sticks Trust me when I say we've tried every bone under the sun! Bully sticks last the longest in our book and are a special treat on those long winter days.

#5 Doggy drying mat let the dogs in, let the dogs out all day on repeat here. They're typically full of snow and have wet paws! These dog drying mats help keep the floors dry and are easily washable!

#6. CBD Oil I believe this should be on every dog list! It helps with joints, prevents cancer, and eases anxiety. Wintertime is hard and the exercise can be cut short. Help fido chill out a little. (More on that here.)

#7. Bob-A-Lot food dispenser Work those minds and do all feeding with a food puzzle! What usually takes your dog 25 seconds will take them 10 minutes. A great way to cure the winter blues! (More feeding time ideas here.)

And if you plan to be out about hiking or playing in the snow I have the PERFECT dog owner jacket for you! Bolli Jackets were designed with the dog owner in mind with incredible features and trust me they thought of it all. Dog whistle, zippers, waste bag dispenser, detachable treat pouch, leash holder, chuck it holder, and more!

Who says snow days aren't fun?! I hope these help keep you

and your pups happy all winter long! @katieandhercanines

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