St. Paddy's Day Has Gone To The Dogs

I can't think of a better way to celebrate St Paddy's day other than pinchin' some cute puppy cheeks and accepting all the kisses from pooches! Did you ever think "Irish I could celebrate St. Paddy's day with my dogs?" Get ready to pawty MN friends! Today I am sharing how to woof it up with your pups this St Patrick's day weekend.

Let the shenanigans begin!

#1. Stanley's Bar Room

You'll be Irish in a few beers at Stanley's in Northeast Minneapolis where they're cookin' up Corned Beef and Cabbage and also a Vegan Corned Beet Reuben Sandwich! Stanley's is best known for their heated patio tent where pups are welcome to tag along and enjoy a frozen bone or mutt loaf. Be sure to call and check that the tent is up and running and woof more details here:

"No Lucks Given"

#2. Yappy Hour at HeadFlyer Brewing

A Rotta Love plus HeadFlyer Brewing & Yappy Treats are partnering for a St. Patty's Day Pup Pub! Bring your furry friends and support A Rotta Love Plus by purchasing HeadFlyer Brewing Beer and Yappy Treat Dog Treats and Bandanas! ($1 of every beer purchased & a percentage of all Yappy Treat sales goes to ARLP) The event is held Saturday, March 16th from 1-5 PM! For more information paw here:

Let's get shamrocked!

#3. St Doggy's Day at Omni Brewery

This is a free tail waggin' event beginning at 6 pm on Saturday the 16th! If you show up with a dog wearing green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Omni Brewing Co you'll be given a free tulip of beer! Omni has a wonderful tap room with friendly staff. Check out this beer-y good time event here:

Irish for the day!

#4. Take a trip to your local pet-friendly shop

Maybe beer isn't your thing but you still want to get out with the pup and celebrate - nuffin wrong about it! Visiting a local dog-friendly shop is always one of our favorite ways to spoil the doggos, work on some socialization, and pick out some new goods. You can always guarantee to make someone's day doing so and who doesn't love the extra belly rubs? Some of our local favorites are Tractor Supply, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Petsmart! (Always give em a bark if you're not sure if yours allows pups as it can vary by the manager!)

Get in, we're going shopping!

#5. Brunch So Hard With Homemade Treats

There's nothin' wrong with being a homebody and making your own homemade dog treats is extra fun and easy! Our friends over at Pretty Fluffy put together the cutest blog post and are sharing the recipe for their Spinach & Green Apple Biscuits! You can find their post here:

Cutest Clovers in the patch!

St. Paddy's day or St. Doggy day? Either way, you can include your pup in on the fun and shake your shamrocks! Have a wonderful weekend friends, Irish you all the best! #DontGetPinched

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