Ten Tail-Wagging Ways To Celebrate National Dog Day

Today is one of my favorites because it's National Dog Day! A whole day dedicated to celebrating your furry best friend with fun activities, special treats, or even an exciting adventure to embark upon together! It's no doubt people feel an undeniable, special connection with their animals and know what joy they bring to everyday life.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." Here are some fun ways to love on them extra today!

#1. Cook homemade treats

If your pups are anything like mine the way to their hearts is through treats! Try your hand at baking and whip up something new and fun to share with Fido! For frozen dog treat ideas click here. They'll go bananas for these.

#2. Do the drive-through

Many chains have something special for the shotgun rider in your life. Drive through a Starbucks and grab a "puppacino" for the good boy. Caribou will throw you a bone, and DQ sells their own version of the pup cup. If you're a DIYer whip up your own recipe with yogurt, coconut milk, peanut butter, honey, and fruit. No judgments here if you treat yo' self a little too! ;-)

#3. Grab a bite to eat

It's a blast to dine with your canine at a dog-friendly restaurant and more and more are permitting dogs on their patios! If your local our favorite is Stanley's which has their very own pizza food truck for pups and dog menu. Check out Sidewalk Dog's full directory of dog-friendly fun and sit down for a snack or two.

#4. Have a backyard BBQ

Who doesn't love a good pawty? Invite family and friends over for a backyard bbq and encourage them to bring their own dogs for some rowdy fun!

#5. Cuddle up to watch a pooch-friendly movie

If cuddling is your pups favorite relive your childhood with these 15 flicks starring dogs! Make a cozy spot on the floor and share a perfect day with your best furiend.

#6. Take a hike

It's one of our favorite ways to spend time together- hiking! Find a nearby state park and hit the trails for some fresh air and exercise. You can even pack a picnic and take a snooze in some sunshine which is always good for the soul!

#7. Do some shopping online

Okay, this might be even more fun for the hooman but do some shopping online for Fido and spoil them a little! Use my Amazon list for some fun ideas and your dogs will be excited to see the mailman for once!

#8. Have a photoshoot

"Dog's lives are too short. Their only fault, really." One day you will love looking back on the photos of your dogs. Have a little photoshoot and get creative! Whether its to mark their age or just a beautiful outdoor background snap away and document the day!

#9. Volunteer or adopt a dog in need

Maybe after all that fun, you've decided it is time to add to your pack or just spend some time with dogs in need. Drop of treats, food or toys at your local shelter or contact a local rescue to see how you can get involved! Visit the humane society and read these tips if you decide to bring a new friend home!

#10. Plan a dog-friendly trip

Getting away is always a blast and its even better with the dogs! Plan a family camping trip or stay at a dog-friendly hotel. I put together some road trip tips here and if you're local follow my North Shore guide!

In my eyes, every dog deserves the best life possible! Every day is filled with furry kisses and doggy love over here but it is so fun to spoil them a little extra on this wonderful holiday! Happy #nationaldogday pooches- I hope this gives you some fun ideas to celebrate.

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