The One Brand Every Dog Lover Needs To Know About

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

There are just a few things I can't resist: my dog, my other dogs, and products with dogs faces on them. When I recently stumbled upon the brand Inkopious I knew I needed all the things, right away! If you're rockin' the dog mom life and are a proud supporter of dog hair and sweatpants Inkopius is the brand every dog lover needs to know about!

Inkopious is a small family owned business with a husband and wife duo who share a love for animals! Each drawing is created by Michele and is hand drawn in the beautiful Sonoma County, California. When Michele isn't busy offering excellent customer service or helping with the day to day operations of the business, she takes requests for drawings not yet seen on their website. You can send your very own breed request here:

Along with women and men's clothing, they offer kids products, tote bags, mugs, and decal stickers! They even have special collections with designs made just for holidays such as Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day, and Christmas. Take all my money, I need a shirt for every occasion and every season!

And if your pooch’s face has that adorably lovable quality that you just can’t put into words Inkopious hosts dog model contests once a month where two lucky winners receive a custom shirt & tote bag with a sketch of their pup! Not only will they send you your freebies, but your canine companion will be immortalized in ink as the next dog in their collection. Get your pups headshot ready and enter them here:

What do I love most about Inkopious? Not only am I supporting a family owned business but each purchase truly makes a difference. In 2018 they partnered with a brand called Allmade®, a clothing manufacturer making a positive difference in both humanitarian and environmental impact. Allmade has partnered with the Global Orphan Project to produce great quality shirts while fighting generational poverty in Haiti. If that wasn't enough they're also giving back in big ways to animal rescues! If you use one of their Animal Rescue Group coupon codes you get 10% off your purchase and in return Inkopious donates 20% toward your selected rescue group. You can learn more about that here:

Go grab your wallet and get ready to browse hundreds of adorable dog products! With so many amazing options it's hard to choose, but if you spend over $75 you get free shipping on your order *adds everything to cart!* I can't wait to see what you pick out for yourself! Gibbs and I can't wait to show off our Inkopious goods #twinning!

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