The Ultimate Frozen Dog Treat Guide With Mad Pup Life

Sydney launched Mad Pup Life in early 2017 and has been killin' the dog mom game ever since! Inspired by her adorable pup, Mattis she began to document his life on Instagram and fell head over paws for the dog community! She shares her everyday activities of being a stay at home dog mom and is so trendy and creative. We share a love for coffee, cute things, and the color pink! Her content is nothing short of amazing and with summer arriving I thought how fun would it be to share her ultimate guide to frozen dog treats with you! Take it away Sydney... I can't wait to whip up these cool treats.

Sydney with Mad Pup Life

I love making frozen treats for my pups because it’s always so easy. You can go out and buy your desired ingredients or you can just use leftover fruits and veggies – a great way to get a head start on spring cleaning the fridge 😉

And speaking of spring, the warmer temps are finally about to hit us so these treats will help your dogs cool off, too!

When preparing frozen treats, you always need good support. Whether it’s a bowl, ice cube tray, or a fun silicone mold you need something small enough for your dogs to bite into easily but big enough to hold in all your desired ingredients. My favorite place to shop for a good silicone mold is definitely Amazon, but you can find them at almost any craft store.

After picking out your support, you need to choose your base. Your base can be created with a wide variety of products such as yogurt, pumpkin puree, or chicken broth. The biggest factor in deciding what type of base to use is to make sure it’s dog-friendly. Always look for the most basic option and low in sugar and additives.

You can customize the base by adding two or more ingredients to create that perfect mixture for your pup.

But the real fun is adding in the extras. The extras can be anything from fruit and veggies, pieces of dog food, or treats! By mix and matching the base and extras, you can really create something special for your dogs – and the options are endless.

To help with ingredient ideas, I’ve created a chart for you to save for whenever you need a little inspiration!

Pin it for later!

There are certainly way more options to create dog-friendly treats, but these are the most common ingredients I reach for when creating some for my dogs. To show you just how easy it is to create a variety of treats in minutes, I made a similar version of dog treats 4 different ways.

I used this cake pop mold to create a yogurt based dog treat. For the first two, I added in strawberries and blueberries to give it some fruity flavor and left it at that. For the second two, I topped it off with Milk Bones, and for the last two I added a bully stick to give it a handle. These are my favorite because they keep my dogs occupied longer.

Sydney hopes this guide helps your creative juices start flowing – and she's sure your dogs hope so too! Be sure to tag her on Instagram in any recreations you make!

See you next week furiends, for another #takeovertuesday!

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