Top That! 5 Ways to Make Kibble Crazy Good.

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Let's face it, I love to spoil my puppers! And I can't help but think they get bored with the same meal for their whole lives. Today I am sharing five easy ways to make your canines go crazy for their kibble! The opportunities are endless when it comes to ways to jazz up their dish and I have seen many benefits from toppin' their food. Warning* doggos have caught on and demand toppers now. Let's dish up!

#1. Primal Pronto Scoop & Serve

Let's face it not all of us can feed raw but that doesn't mean we don't see the benefits of a raw diet in dogs! This is a great way to treat your pup to raw without the work and also makes for the perfect kibble topper. It is found at my local Chuck & Dons which has so many varieties of raw mixers for your pup. I love the ease of this product and the dogs go crazy for it! #BeefMe

#2. Solid Gold SeaMeal

I got this product as a sample and tried it on all four of my dogs. I instantly noticed right away when we stopped using it so off to the store I went! It supports skin & coat, digestive & immune health and is packed into a easy powder. Just shake over their kibble and you're all set. Plus, it smells so good!

#3. Veggies and Fruits

There are so many amazing veggies and fruits out there for your pup and they are a cheap additive to your dogs meal. We especially love carrots, spinach and blueberries in this house but you can add tons of others such as bananas, sweet potatoes and even a farm fresh egg!

#4. Solid Gold Bone Broth

Bone broth is so good for dogs and it is so convenient to add to their kibble. Another great way to use it is freeze in an ice cube tray for a tasty treat. There are many brands out there and this stuff can be the best for those picky eaters! Your pups will be sure to lick the bowl.

#5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known for so many uses but this stuff has been a staple in our house mainly for the dogs! From their paws to between their jaws this stuff makes my dogs go wild! I have found the easiest way to feed coconut oil here in MN has been through melting it into a ice tray mold. You can also just spoon it directly on their food! Coconut oil is amazing for their coats and also for bad breath. #OilUp

These are just some simple, affordable and easy tips to top that kibble and make your dogs go crazy! Because I feel obligated I am going to tell you to always consult with your vet first. ;-) Your doggos are going to love you after reading this post- top away friends and we will talk soon.

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