Toys That Make Scents To Dogs

Whenever we get a box in the mail the dogs just know it's instantly for them! We recently received some incredible toys from Playology and the dogs almost ripped the box from my hands. These toys are packed with scents like cheddar cheese, chicken, and peanut butter no wonder they were so excited!

Cowboy Hoarding The Box

My favorite part about Playology toys is that they are durable, slobber wicking, and super easy to clean! The dogs also stay engaged with them way longer versus their unscented dog toys in the bin. Each toy is made with different textures and can stand the test of true toy destroyers (like Grahm)!

I already can't wait to buy more and I am super excited that they sell on Amazon for super fast shipping and convienence. You can even purchase them based on your dog's size & weight. Playology Dog toys make "scents" to dogs because they're smelly good fun and they prove to be some of the most durable dog toys I've purchased yet. We're so happy we found them!

Looking for more of our favorite pup products? Check out our Amazon storefront here:

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