What The Heck I Am Doing And Why I Need Your Help

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

You might log into Instagram nowadays and think to yourself what am I missing? Is everyone a fashion model or beauty guru? How are these girls buying all these awesome products and why am I so interested in hearing about them? Or maybe you're like me saying SIGN ME UP! I LOVE goodies but I'm totally "super wanty and super brokey." (I know spell check, those aren't real words!)

No matter what thoughts you're having while you scroll your feed, I am here to fill you in on what is an "Instagram Influencer" or "Micro- Influencer" and how you can support your gal pals who are just tryin' to make it (or already have!) An Instagram "influencer" can be known as someone making a career on Instagram, influencing their followers, and impacting taste through brand messaging. The cool thing about it today is you don't need follower counts in the thousands- all you need is a tribe who supports you, good engagement and a great connection with your peeps. Because there are already so many incredible resources out there from the Instagram pros I am not quite getting into how to become one, but how you can support one! Not to worry my friends, I'll share those awesome tools that taught me so much with you too. So let's dive on in people, I want to take you a little behind the scenes of what the heck I'm doing and why I need your help!

I've always loved social media! Call me crazy but I've always seen is at an amazing tool to connect with friends I've never met, express my personality, and showcase my passions. It wasn't until recently that I decided to start working on building my own brand and most recently, make money while doing it. I figure if I'm going to spend hours a day on the dang thing I should at least try and monetize it. Now, here is where I want to set the record straight. Many people think all influencers are doing is trying to sell you something or take all your dolla dolla bills. WRONG. What I and many other "micro-influencers" are trying to do is engage, connect with our audience, commit to being authentic, define our own stories, and work with some awesome brands while doing so! A big part of my "why" is forming those special relationships and connecting with people who share the same passions! I absolutely love my internet friends and I know it sounds silly but it's true!

So you may be thinking, that's all fine and dandy Katie, but what exactly are you doing? Behind the grid on my Instagram, I am reaching out to brands that I love daily asking (sometimes feel like begging) them to work with me. Now, I started off by just accepting free product, but recently I was taught to pitch myself and really start asking for what I wanted in return. Which is some MONEY ya'll and free shtuff! If any of you have ever created content or had a blog, you know how long it takes to tie it all together in a pretty ribbon and push it out into the world. I think you for sure deserve some cha-ching for doing so. I recently created a media kit and charge for blog posts, Instagram posts, stories, etc. I know, it sounds weird, but brands are catching on and willing to work with us little "micro-influencers." Being able to pitch yourself can be scary but i've found there is nothing to lose in doing so!

Ok, so how can you help me or other influencers you love? Now, let me start by saying that not everything you see on my feed is me working with brands but those few posts that I am I need your help! You see Instagram is a stinker and likes/followers don't matter as much anymore. Oh, how can I say this not sounding desperate here... we need your comments, people! If you're loving what I or others are posting, a genuine 4-word or more comment is all we need or even finally tapping that "link in our bio." While I may not be asking for your business per se I am asking for your "blessing" if you will! And that's what the support is to me, a total blessing. If you love something an influencer is doing, saying, posting, or sharing- tell them! Or if there's a brand you think I need to reach out to please share I'm as I'm always looking for ideas. One of the biggest struggles I have is coming up with content that my friends/followers love and keeping it fresh and new.

What led me to write this post? After landing my first paid collaboration and getting paid from it today I'm feeling all excited to keep going and trust me- I needed it! It is very easy to feel burnt out and you gotta work hard at this thing 24/7 sometimes without any results. There are some things that help me to keep on going and avoid quitting. I focus on myself instead of what others are doing, I feel highly encouraged by the supportive and positive community I have formed through Instagram, and I am not afraid to limit what I see on the platform! When I need a little break I take one and then I jump back in and picked up right where I left off.

So what are my personal goals? I'll share them, even though they're super scary! I hope to cultivate brand relationships and make $1,000/month through collaborations. I hope to be able to pay my husband in winter time for taking all my photographs (without complaining), and I hope to grow my following to 5k by September. Boom shacka-lacka!

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you! From the bottom of my heart for following along on my personal journey and being my support system. I get so excited when landing a deal, or seeing you guys love something I worked hard to put together and that's what it is all about.

If you're interested in learning more about the Instagram influencer game I highly recommend "The Influencer Podcast" by Julie Solomon, "Goal Digger" by Jenna Kutcher and the book "InstaStyle" by Tezza.

As always, I'm here to chat anything with you so please don't hesitate to slide into my DM's (@katieandhercanines) or send me an email at katieandhercanines@gmail.com !

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