Why We Seriously Love Salmon Oil

There are a ton of benefits that come along with using salmon oil and our pups go crazy for it! Not only is it a delicious topper to their kibble but I personally thank Salmon oil for the shiny, soft coats that it gives our dogs year round.

Adding Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to your pups diet helps:

-Support Healthy skin and coat

-Promotes proper Joint function

-Fights heart disease

-Aids in the development and maintenance of the brain and eyes

-Reduces inflammation

-Boosts the immune system

-Can help promote weight loss

-Help reduce allergies

It is important to find a Salmon Oil that is wild caught, all natural and contains zero artificial ingredients or additives. We use and love #TerraMaxPro who's Salmon Oil is wild caught exclusively from the waters of Alaska- one of the cleanest waters in the world! They also only use responsible and sustainable fishing methods which we love. #Hooked

Salmon Oil has a natural source of Vitamin D and Astaxanthin. It contains over 15 Omega's which is lacking from most commercial dog food. We choose TerraMax Pro's Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil because it is pharmaceutical human grade and molecularly distilled for the highest purity!

By adding 2 pumps to our pups food we notice a big change in their coats health. Winter is so long and dry but their fur doesn't have to be! We are seriously in love with Salmon Oil and all its amazing benefits. Aint nothin' fishy about it! You can order yours here: http://www.amazon.com/Premium-Alaskan-All-Natural-Omega-3-Supplement/dp/B01BFPIETM

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